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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Got my paycheck and felt a need to support the projects from one of our most visible contributors of both OS/SDK and application developments! Jacadcaps, I believe you will do magic (and you already have(!)) with both Iris e-mail client and the Wayfarer web browser. Your work this far has been fantastic, jacadcaps! My contribution of only CAD $25 may not make a big difference, but if everyone does the same, then these little contributions could add up to something nice!

    So, if you who are reading this feels jacadcaps efforts are worthy some financial reward, please don't hesitate to send some CAD $25 or whatever you can afford and consider being worthy, now that payday made you all temporarily rich again! ;-)



    Totally agree! I sent Jacek $30 or $40 just a week or so ago, to help support his tireless work on this browser, as well as his other work on MorphOS itself. We should however not forget Piru and the rest of the team, who's work has made this new browser possible. I should be sending some support money (from my tiny retirement income) to the rest of the MorphOS Dev. Team, but I can't remember if there is a donate link for the whole team or not? I'll have to take a look.

    Edit: If all of the users just donated even $5 or 5 Euros, it would add up to a significant amount that might pay Jacek for a day or two, at reasonable programmer rates.

    Edit 2: I can't stress enough what a great monetary value MorphOS has been. It would take the research of someone like A. Wolf to count all of the free updates, and every free software addition that has been added to MorphOS, since it first went to a commercial product status.

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