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    Nice improvement to look forward to! 8-)

    Did you notice the issues I mentioned on the "Wayfarer 1.1 released" thread, where I stated there are issues with

    Bubbles/Tab previews Black/no gfx
    An option to "Save As" for Downloads
    "phantom" (corrupt graphics) Tabs
    ebay messages - no mouse right-click context menu

    Also, I was trying to download a PDF from an attachment via my access to my ISP webmail, and using the download options available with Wayfarer v1.1 the only downloads I got were a text file from the email, and not the actual PDF - anyone else reported this issue? :-?

    Also, some error and Download requesters seem to open half on, half-off the edge of the top left of the screen, and as they have no menu bar, even though they open with the menu bar options in the top edge (Wayfarer/Edit/View/Bookmarks/etc.,) when that menu is selected in the MUI options, even with the MorphOS Control key options, so you still cannot move the requester on-screen, so all you can do it seems is Cancel the requester, as you cannot view the other option on the far left of the requester window as it's unviewable/off-screen - anyone else reported this issue? :-?

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