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    Made some brief tests, here's my first thoughts:

    * Wayfarer loads about 15-20% slower on boot compared to latest OWB
    * It consumes less memory per same page but I see the hd sbar module getting crazy on read/writes. Is it possible to configure Wayfarer to dump everything on ram and not the hd as with OWB?
    * Is it possible to have a personal bar on gui (i.e. below address bar) where we can place the bookmarks?
    * I imported my OWB bookmarks correctly, however bookmark folders which had sub folders don't display correctly when clicking on Bookmarks option
    * Wayfarer seems to load about 10-15% faster same pages that I checked but I need to do more testing. However, some pages with jspcripts work correctly on OWB and not on Wayfarer. some pages that I tried but I still need Here's an example, the text after "news" seems messed up on Wayfarer.

    Will return with more tests :)
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