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    NewSense wrote:
    @ jacadcaps - The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) uses Flash for their online TV viewing service "iPlayer", so having Flashplayer support would be great for that online TV viewing service. 8-D

    Really? They use HLS for their videos on BBC News so I'd be surprised if they really required flash - but I cannot check since it doesn't work outside of UK.


    Also, will Wayfarer also take this amount of time to load up a similar/same webpage even with the newer JavaScript and newer webengine you've worked on?

    I'd say: expect it to be slightly slower than OWB w/o JIT. It's certainly usable on most websites.


    Also, F1 - motor racing website also uses a video format that OWB cannot handle or even see the thumbnail/image for, but will Wayfarer be able to handle that video format correctly, and play it at a watchable speed on a MacMini 1.5GHz?

    As I've said multiple times already: do not expect video or audio support for now. The website you've mentioned uses MPEG-TS/HLS which should not be a big of a problem to support (provided it is not encrypted), but I will not commit to any availability dates for now. Media support will certainly be the "next big thing" after the initial release and stabilisation.
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