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    @ jacadcaps - The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) uses Flash for their online TV viewing service "iPlayer", so having Flashplayer support would be great for that online TV viewing service. 8-D

    On a slightly different topic, has the website Parcel2Go been checked recently as they changed their login screen so OWB is "banjaxed" from other than seeing the backdrop image and no input fields are displayed at all.

    PayPal has also changed a lot, sometimes when being accessed via ebay and sometimes when being accessed directly as the page seems to be predominantly JavaScript and takes an age to load up, with faint blank fields where the input fields eventually appear once the JavaScrips has been interpreted as intended.

    Also, will Wayfarer also take this amount of time to load up a similar/same webpage even with the newer JavaScript and newer webengine you've worked on?

    Also, F1 - motor racing website also uses a video format that OWB cannot handle or even see the thumbnail/image for, but will Wayfarer be able to handle that video format correctly, and play it at a watchable speed on a MacMini 1.5GHz? The video/audio features I've mentioned are factors I hope you will be able to bear in mind as I know video/audio is not likely be implemented in the initial release of Wayfarer.

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