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    Will you add any publicity blocker ? Because on owb/Odyssey, adblock ticked there are publicities appearing. Partialy and certainly due to the poor support for flash, do I suppose. But they appear. Will it be possible to add extensions like adblock plus or any others ?

    I encounter two other problems when I want to consult my mails via the browser on the webmail. Some links point to fake web pages, with dangerous content. Possible phishing, viruses or mailwares. On others webpages a fake javascript pops up warning me that my computer could/might be infected by a virus and inviting me to contact by phone a friend or him to buy an overpricey antivirus software. if I do not react immediatly by closing it window the fake javascript will block the browser, and try maybe also to block the operating system. Luckily firefox detects this and warns to stop this fake javascript or wait. It also warns about fake websites. My question is simple, what will contain your new browser, wayfarer, about security matters ?


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