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    NewSense wrote:
    So what benefit does the "hibernate Tab" context menu option offer, i.e. RAM released?

    It saves RAM/CPU by killing the underlying browser object.


    Any further along with audio/video implementation, or is that going to be addressed at a later stage in development?

    Post 3.14.


    Is the implementation we use of "flashplayer" likely to see any improvement for Wayfarer?

    Support for plug-ins isn't planned. Flash is dead anyway.


    By the way, is it possible to have realised by now if there now likely to be a 'fix' in Wayfarer (...) due to the JavaScript tying up valuable RAM and not getting released until the browser is quit?

    So far I have not seen issues like this and none have been reported to me. This is a vastly newer WebKit and Apple is generally trying to keep some reins on JS - since it has to work on low-end iPhones. That said, there's still room for improvement.


    Is a JIT JavaScript engine likely to be a feature?

    Bigfoot has shared his JIT code, but the JavaScriptCore has diverged quite a bit and it won't merge without significant amount of work. Might take a look at this at a later stage.


    How much base RAM is required to load up Wayfarer, and how much RAM is generally required for each additional Tab that is activated, if you have an amount you can average out?

    Wayfarer binary is coming close to 80MB, so I'd estimate it needs about 128MB free RAM to start. Adding tabs is relatively cheap, but obviously depends on how heavy the websites are.


    Will there be an editable QuickLinks feature for bookmarks in Wayfarer

    Perhaps at a later stage.
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