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    NewSense wrote:
    If so, was that a specific decision to choose that way?

    I like experimenting to see how far I can take such things with MUI. Have also found it very irritating OWB has so many windows - I already have a ton of other windows opened when I'm working, so having a browser on one helps me streamline how I work on MorphOS (never been a fan of separate screens). Anyway, you can always popup a new window with just the settings tab if that works for you.


    I did notice the "MorphOS; PowerPC 3_14" in what I assume is the browser identifier. So, is that what you are aiming for - a release of a useable version of Wayfarer in MorphOS v3.14? :-?

    Not sure if Wayfarer will end up on 3.14 ISO, but it will be made public on the day 3.14 is out.
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