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    So the settings/Prefs load into a Tab, rather than as a MUI Window - is that correct?

    If so, was that a specific decision to choose that way?

    Many browsers opt for this "Tab" approach it seems, like Firefox, though I do like the separate MUI window as a separate entity that gets loaded to change the prefs with OWB, and previous Amiga-like browsers did historically.

    However, I can easily get used to this way as it is a much more common approach, and if we get any newer users then they would probably expect the browser to load Options/Prefs in this way.

    Any success or in-roads into getting audio and video implemented as yet?

    Thanks for the screenshot of your considerable work, and thanks for the work itself, you are amazing at the efficiency level you seem to work at! :-o

    I did notice the "MorphOS; PowerPC 3_14" in what I assume is the browser identifier. So, is that what you are aiming for - a release of a useable version of Wayfarer in MorphOS v3.14? :-?
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