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    jacadcaps wrote:
    We're in a much better situation than Fab was with OWB, so I don't think the maintenance will be a big burden, but we'll see. From past experiences, it was about 2-3 days to switch between WebKit branches 2 years apart.

    So far nobody has come forward with an offer of help, but then again I'd only be looking for certain areas of expertise really (HLS streaming, anyone?)

    Well that is good to hear, that the maintenance won't be a big burden for you and any others that offer to help you. It's a bit surprising to read that, as I thought maintaining a web browser, with the constant changes that keep happening, would be more difficult and time consuming. I'm also glad to see that you have mentioned the specific area you could use some help with, as that increases the chances of finding someone to help out (chances have now gone from 0.5% chance of finding anyone, to 1.5% chance of finding helpers ;-)). I wish I had the programming skills to provide help with this or any other part of MorphOS development, but by the time my programming skills get anywhere near yours, I'll be so old I won't be able to remember what I did 15 minutes ago (hmmm, what did I do 15 minutes ago???). I was asked to help with documentation for MorphOS years ago, but not having any previous experience with how to document software, I failed to even understand what was being asked of me.

    Thanks again for all the work you have done and continue to do on this and all other MorphOS development. I'll send more pizza and beer money when I can.
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