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    I forgot to mention, as no-one else at this stage has added to my comments on the PayPal security implementation of reCAPTCHA, that I commented on above, that after you have gained access to that level of security that PayPal have added an additional level of security, that of typing in a series of characters/numbers that are generated by a random security feature, so you have to get past that 2nd level of security that PayPal have implemented, that is on top of (after) you have completed the 1st level of security - the reCAPTCHA feature security barrier.

    I cannot login to Parcel2Go or access some features on the Royal Mail website, due to reCAPTCHA, with OWB anymore either, and loading certain elements of some pages that require heavy (probably in reality unnecessary, other than to prevent older browsers from accessing some sites) use of JavaScript, such as some news sites such as BBC.co.uk pages that offer updated figures on regional COVID-19 infections/deaths where the website paralyzes OWB so that a full reboot is required. I have also had that paralyzing effect on trying to access automated PayPal payments, and probably other sites as well, which I'll try to add here if that is of any benefit to test those sites to ensure Wayfarer can handle such JavaScript features?

    @ jacadcaps - I am sure you are developing Wayfarer as fast as you can, and in any case you have done far more on it than even I expected at this stage, but the rate of change in security/technology waits for no-one.

    Having said that I feel sure we all want it to be at least as much, hopefully more, fun to use than OWB has been for its years of great service.

    I also don't want you to skip any necessary and enhancing features that you can implement before it is made available in a specific MorphOS version release, which I expect that will be the case, unless it is likely to be a separate/stop-gap release once it is completed to allow there and then the solution of accessing many sites that are becoming, day by day it seems, inaccessible with OWB.

    I like the updated Settings image, and look forward to many more views of what we can hopefully expect from Wayfarer from the various elements you develop as fast as you can ... you're enthusiasm and progress is amazing, long may you continue to develop for MorphOS - I don't know what we'd do without you. 8-D

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