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    jacadcaps wrote: Small update: ...[Resuming dls is finally working OK...]

    Great news.

    jacadcaps wrote: Also added some minor UI things like MMB click handling (with optional shift to open in new window or alt to download) or page zoom via ctrl+wheel.

    Neat !

    jacadcaps wrote: Implemented the WebKit-side of password autofill, now looking into the Wayfarer side of things since that's what's going to control this and store the passwords.

    Personally I never store passwords or use autofill at-all on any computer system I own. I just don't trust any system to be totally secure from someone working out how to 'hack' any OS to gain access to any sensitive information, however minor it may seem. So, I wouldn't be using that feature at all, ever ! I can see some users like to have the ease of use of such a feature, it's just not for me. 8-D
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