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    jPV wrote:
    Activity leds/network activity window and quicklinks

    One way to influence how features are prioritized is PayPal.


    Curl itself has fine resume options, so it's quite weird that if WebCore doesn't use them....

    Remember that Apple doesn't use Curl at all, they have their own backend. The Curl backend was written by Sony and they didn't apparently care for downloads much (can you even download files in the Playstation's webbrowser?). While it may be easy to add resume to a curl client, there is exactly 7 interfaces between curl and the downloads list in Wayfarer (WebCore's CurlDownload, CurlDownloadListener I've implemented in WebKit, _WkDownload internal wrapper class, outer WkDownload class, WfDownload in Wayfarer, DownloadManager and finally the Download class with its list of downloads). And they all have to support resume.
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