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    Just few personal remarks...

    Activity leds/network activity window and quicklinks are probably the most used features in the current OWB for me, as well as disabling javascript and spoofing for certain pages. So I'd be happy to see them if possible at all... using a proxy is also useful...

    But I don't care about those website icons or other cosmetic stuff that much. I've always disabled those because of the overhead and useless writes to HD.

    Curl itself has fine resume options, so it's quite weird that if WebCore doesn't use them.... it was really easy to add resume support in RNOXfer, for example :) But I rarely need to use that in real life myself... my network connection is stable enough.

    And I don't care about the "current TODO" list entries that much... nothing important for me there (well, graphical settings would always be nice). But the "maybe list" is far more interesting, so if it would be my decision, I would concentrate on the "maybe list" instead of the "todo list" :)
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