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    Not having the 'Inspect Element' option (program icon button/right-mouse context-menu), as I understand what you have already said on this feature, will that no longer allow certain features on a webpage, like removing some code, (e.g. footer) easily with Delete Node option be completely removed from what can be achieved with Wayfarer?

    Some webpages have troublesome code that interferes with how the webpage should be displayed/respond, and sometimes I find I have to delete/change some parameters to get the page to function, either as intended, or to allow me to view certain parts of the webpage. So, if this feature is entirely removed then that will be, for me at least, a problem I am not sure how to get past very easily. Other than using an old release of OWB to do so, but as it gets older then this may not allow the necessary features to be edited as required.

    So, if it is possible to put some rudimentary or more enhanced form of this feature into Wayfarer at some point, even if that is for a later release, then that would be a plus-point for me, and probably for other users.
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