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    NewSense wrote:
    Will it be possible to save a webpage as a PDF, as with OWB, as I find that very handy, so a document can be saved for future reference/printing if required?

    PDF is mostly "free" once you've implemented printing, so yeah.


    Will there be a Quicklinks option with mini-icons+editable name?

    Maybe, certainly not a priority right now. There's a lot of various customizations you can do with the UI, but I don't see a point when basic functionality is missing. Many things will simply come after the initial release.


    Will the webpage mini-icon be saved in the Bookmarks as it does in the Quicklinks, but which doesn't happen in the Bookmarks with OWB?

    Dunno. I have not investigated how these are handled in WebCore yet. Those icons actually end up costing quite a bit of performance in OWB (once you have a lot of them), so the answer for now will be "no, unless I figure out how to mitigate the performance penalty".


    I'll miss the activity LEDs not being implemented as they are useful to know a page is still loading

    Adding that would make rebasing to a more recent WebCore harder, so well...


    I hope the Download manager with resume and history support will be retained in some similar way?

    Working on resume since that part is, sadly, unfinished in WebCore. Guess Sony didn't really care about this (they wrote the curl backend). History will be saved, that's a given. Tabs won't be required since there'll be filtering and sorting instead.


    As usual, I'm impressed with the progress you've made so far, and look forward to getting to use it in a future release of MorphOS

    Thank you.
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