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    First of all, many thanks for the insight into what's intended, ideal, and may yet be implemented, and for your super-fast reply on the subject - as usual. 8-D

    Will it be possible to save a webpage as a PDF, as with OWB, as I find that very handy, so a document can be saved for future reference/printing if required?

    Will there be a Quicklinks option with mini-icons+editable name?

    Will there be an option to load a Bookmark directly into its own new Tab from the Bookmarks, which cannot be done with OWB, though it is allowed from the Quicklinks with the right mouse button, though ideally it should also be possible from the middle-mouse button, as a 2-stage process to launch a new Tab is a somewhat unnecessary.

    Will the webpage mini-icon be saved in the Bookmarks as it does in the Quicklinks, but which doesn't happen in the Bookmarks with OWB?

    I'll miss the activity LEDs not being implemented as they are useful to know a page is still loading, etc., but if there's no way to do it then it's something that we'll have to let go. If pages load quicker then it won't be needed as much.

    I hope the Download manager with resume and history support will be retained in some similar way? So, there are Current | Finished | Failed Tabs to be able to resume halted downloads from where they left off, and allow some sort of history caching of those downloads, not just webpage history, which I know you are already working on.

    As usual, I'm impressed with the progress you've made so far, and look forward to getting to use it in a future release of MorphOS, as soon as you're satisfied you have achieved what you set out to do. Exceptional/Outstanding work. 8-D
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