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    NewSense wrote:
    Maybe now would be a good time to ask if there are some additions to Wayfarer that aren't in OWB, and vice versa? :-)

    There's a lot of things that OWB has that Wayfarer doesn't. In part since the WebKit doesn't support this yet, in part because I haven't had the chance to implement it in Wayfarer itself and in part because I did not even start looking into some of the stuff.

    (Explainer: WebKit consists of several libs. WTF is low level stuff like containers, file I/O, threading, allocators. JSCore is the JavaScript engine. WebCore is basically all of the actual browser - that's where all of HTML, layout, CSS, networking, media, etc happens. WebKit is basically a glue between WebCore and a UI toolkit / OS. That part I'm basically writing from 0.)

    I'm not going to bother with a lot of things that Fab did in OWB - Inspector being one example. Another thing that isn't happening is web activity LEDs OWB has (there's no provisioning for that in WebCore).

    For some summary of what's working:

    - A very recent WebKit with a standard JS interpreter with several big endian fixes. Compatibility with most websites is pretty good.
    - Standard navigation controls
    - Bookmarks
    - Copy & paste
    - Downloads (in progress, since that part isn't working well in WebCore itself)
    - Very fast ad-blocking
    - Per-host settings
    - HTML Crypto (missing from OWB)

    On the current TODO list:

    - Settings UI
    - History
    - Sessions
    - Storing passwords
    - Spell checking
    - Printing

    On the maybe list:

    - Media playback
    - Composited display / GL
    - JIT

    As I've mentioned, compatibility is pretty good. There are sites that do not work though. Maps & Twitter being among them. These are unlikely to work anytime soon.
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