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    @ jacadcaps

    Maybe now would be a good time to ask if there are some additions to Wayfarer that aren't in OWB, and vice versa? :-)

    I ask now just while there is time to ask for features to be aware of, or possibly ask for (like the tear-off window mentioned above) that might get overlooked that really are needed/wanted while you're in the development process. 8-)

    Though some limitations may well be part of the New WekKit engine/Wayfarer program anyway I suppose? :-?

    Of course, I don't want to side-track you from completing it as soon as you can, as OWB's limitations are really gettng more and more apparent/troubling, reCAPTCHA, and YouTube being just a couple, not withstanding the limitations of the JavaScript core that's also making some websites inaccessible/unviewable. :-(
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