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    Flash wrote:
    Great news!
    Are your improvements shared with os4 version or it's specific to mos?

    Jacek is a member of the MorphOS Dev. Team, and this project is NOT an extension of Odyssey, it is a "from the ground up" creation of a new WebKit based browser, which was only made possible due to the recent improvements in the core components of MorphOS itself. Those core components are not present or available for AmigaOS4, so none of Jacek's work could benefit the AmigaOS4 users, even if there were any programmers still working for Hyperion.

    Sorry for the jab about Hyperion, but I am one of those AmigaOS4 users as well as a MorphOS user, and I deeply dislike the way Hyperion does business (if that is what you call what they are doing), and the lack of progress and direction that Hyperion has made for AmigaOS4 users, over the past decade. Anyone with a brain can see that the current legal battle was started because of the hostile actions of Hyperion's controlling share holder regarding AmigaOS3 sales, only because he saw an opportunity to make a few quick $$$, not because he has any interest, or intention to further develop the OS for AmigaOS3 users. There were years of peaceful coexistence between Cloanto and Hyperion prior to this current hostile activity all started by Ben Hermans and his attempts to claim ownership of all Amiga IP, as well as registering a Trademark, or Copyright for AmigaForever, which has been used by Cloanto for ages.

    Again, sorry for the off-topic rant about Hyperion. This is not the place for such discussions, but if you want to discuss it further with me in private, I would be happy to share my opinion with you.
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