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    Well, it took a while to determine this, but layering is not feasible without going full OpenGL. Might happen, might not. For now this means that things like Google Maps will not work. If implemented, this will mean only graphics cards where tinygl works will be supported (this is runtime, the main browser will continue to work on systems without 3d). Decided to leave this for later though.

    Maps may also have some JavaScript issue - I've tried VoidLinux PPC and they're also messed up there. Boy that thing is slow in QEmu. MorphOS is easily 2x faster.

    I've been stumbling with other compatibility issues in the meanwhile. I've fixed a couple of things to make web.whatsapp.com load, only to be presented with an error that WebCrypto is missing. Put some work into it (thanks again Piru!) and got WebCrypto in. We've then stumbled on an issue with WebSockets (fixed by Piru again). All this work only to get whatsapp to fail showing the QR Code due to their JavaScript being little-endian only. Yes, you've heard that right. JavaScripts these days check endianness of the target system. Gave up on this but then I've stumbled on a thread with internetzel posting about this very issue. As it turns out, he made a patch that converts values in Typed Arrays into little-endian, effectively mitigating this. Managed to integrate this just now.

    Anyway, here's the result:

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