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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Ideally it should also be possible to run JS etc in it to make a full web app, enclose it all in a proper MUI GUI with all necessary controls, and make it possible for the web-app and MUI-app to communicate to become one entity.

    This is how Iris works already. It interfaces via JS commands. I'm mostly just making use of what I've learnt while working on Iris now.

    As for a "hybrid", Iris has used that for a while - having a separate app that overlapped Iris' window to display HTML. This is, sadly, too messy to handle. It's far easier to simply link the whole thing together.

    Anyway, I have now rebased to Safari-609., which is Safari 13.1 - meaning the latest there is, basically. Appears to work, too (at least to the same extent the old version did, there's still a ton of problems to address).

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