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    jacadcaps wrote:

    Yes, the idea is to make an ObjC WkWebKit class & related delegates so that the web browser (or any other) application doesn't even need to include anything from WebCore or WTF on its own.

    This is a really good idea! :-)

    That would open up for a lot of creative uses in new programs, Iris being far from the only one!

    Ideally it should also be possible to run JS etc in it to make a full web app, enclose it all in a proper MUI GUI with all necessary controls, and make it possible for the web-app and MUI-app to communicate to become one entity. It would IMHO make a lot of sense to create, say, a word processor this way. HTML for the document contents, JS for doing all the editing of it, one css for screen, one for paper print, and a MorphOS/MUI program around it to handle everything related to the OS and user interface. I believe the Spotify apps and many more are built in a similar way.
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
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