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    Fab wrote:
    Quite some work, since a lot must have changed in platform/webcore API layers since latest Odyssey's webkit codebase.

    But maybe it's time to have a more modern user interface, and rework it from scratch (or at least seriously rework it). I'm confident Jaca will do a great job there. :)

    Anyway, it would also be nice to have webkit as a "library" (maybe not dynamic, but at least static), that way it could be reused in other applications "easily", as it was done for Iris (even if it's a stripped-down version of WebKit).

    Nice to see you posting here Fab. I hope that you are your family are healthy and staying safe, as all of us should be doing. Now that most people are staying home, due to the COVID-19 virus, do you perhaps have a little extra free time to help jadacaps with some of the work needed on the new web browser he has started? No doubt your experience in coding Odyssey, and your long experience programming in general, would be a great addition to his work.

    I wish I had more coding skills, so that I could offer to help with some of the simplest parts.
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