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    Crumb wrote:

    Fab wrote:
    Heh, great jaca, congratulations.

    Glad to see all the build dependencies are there. The worst part is really to make it work at all. Then it's "just" a matter of wiring everything properly (which is what takes most of the time though :)).

    Happy to see a recent webkit running, really.

    How hard would be wiring Odissey with Jaca's updated webkit? Would it save time?

    Quite some work, since a lot must have changed in platform/webcore API layers since latest Odyssey's webkit codebase.

    But maybe it's time to have a more modern user interface, and rework it from scratch (or at least seriously rework it). I'm confident Jaca will do a great job there. :)

    Anyway, it would also be nice to have webkit as a "library" (maybe not dynamic, but at least static), that way it could be reused in other applications "easily", as it was done for Iris (even if it's a stripped-down version of WebKit).
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