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    koszer wrote:

    BatteMan wrote:
    After the "odyssey", we can make a "journey" on internet

    "Journey"? Maybe Voyage? Hey, how about "Voyager?" :D

    Now, seriously. If we're in the Greek mythology zone - there's been another epic journey: Jason and the Argonauts, in pursuit of Golden Fleece. So I propose "Argo".

    Loved the old VaporWare Voyager NG, so Voyager would be nice.

    Its great to see AROS has advanced to x64 as well as MorphOS has its inner workings, that will eventually bring this new "Voyager".

    Either supporting Nemo or AMD64 will surely bring my license. No space to buy new machines.


    amigadave wrote:
    I'm guessing that MorphOS for x64 will NOT have the same RAM limitation that MorphOS for PPC inherited from AmigaOS compatibility, so our MorphOS for x64 systems will be able to utilize much more than 2GB of RAM, and you won't have to worry about your new web browser's appetite for using RAM.

    Surely, that would be the point of going x64 :)
    Or PPC64 too as a branch? (G5, Pa Semi and x5000 CPU?)

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