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    jacadcaps wrote:
    So, there is good news and bad news.

    The good is that I was able to link a project that references a WebCore::Page and implements quite a bit of WebKit interfaces (even if they're mostly placeholders).

    The bad news, is that the resulting binary is already over 80MB, meaning memory requirements of the new browser will likely be ~1GB. Mind that the binary doesn't actually do much past instantiating a WebCore::Page, so it's bound to grow a lot by the time it starts resembling something usable.

    Next step: figure out the minimal route to load & display contents, the dumbest way possible, just to verify that the WebCore internals are working.

    I'm guessing that MorphOS for x64 will NOT have the same RAM limitation that MorphOS for PPC inherited from AmigaOS compatibility, so our MorphOS for x64 systems will be able to utilize much more than 2GB of RAM, and you won't have to worry about your new web browser's appetite for using RAM. But it is probably too much to hope that with the MorphOS Dev. Team concentrating most of their efforts on the x64 version of MorphOS, most members of the team will not want to spend time and effort to create any kind of extended memory for the current PPC version of MorphOS? Such discussions of how, and if any hack to extend memory for the current version of MorphOS have surely been had several times in the past and the answer has always been "NO", apparently, but until the G5 hardware was supported, there was little need to consider spending time trying to figure out a way to extend the RAM capacity of MorphOS, because "MOST" supported systems could not physically have more than 2GB of RAM on the hardware.

    Can you give us any information regarding discussions the team has had in the past about the possibility of creating some kind of "extended" RAM for the current PPC version of MorphOS, after support for G5 systems that can have up to 8GB or 16GB of RAM installed on the motherboards?
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