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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Thor was used for an ancient newsgroup/mail reader if memory serves me right?

    Yes, it was pretty decent program.


    Not even "Discovery"? ;-)

    No, sorry, I just think about "Discovery channel" all the time when reading that.. and Bloodhound Gang's The Bad Touch song starts to play in my head immediately :D Just can't think it as a browser name...

    If I'd have to pick one of those now, it would be Challenger, because it kind of would try to challenge the main stream browsers etc. But would the tragedy part be too negative issue with it :)

    Although Discovery could be a nice name without my own associations, but I guess it needs some time to digest it... maybe that would be possible :P


    "Helix" is also used in several contexts for fictional space ships, so not only part of the ear in human anatomy...

    Would it be too close to Helios?
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