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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    Well, since Iris is probably struck from the list...

    Actually Iris probably originates from Greek mythology too :) It's a goddess who's "messenger of the gods". So maybe some other goddess would do too?


    • Discovery (Also "Star Trek: Discovery")
    • Challenger (developing and maintaining a web browser is a challenge ;-), though the name is kind of stained with tragedy, and not the easiest word to spell)
    • or Endeavour (difficult to spell for non-English).

    I don't think I like these... :)


    Less real space ships:
    Firefly (From the TV-series with the same name which actually had a rather cool atmosphere. It takes place on Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. And more important: It could also connect to Firefox and the MorphOS logo (butterflies fly) at the same time. I suppose a really cool logo could be made with this (butterfly, flames), signalling it's a MorphOS browser.)

    Yeah, maybe.. one of my favourite series. But is it good or bad when it sounds like a Firefox port? And there are some software with the same name...

    And one fictional spaceship too: Lexx ;) But it doesn't sound that cool as a browser name as it was as a serie I guess :)

    I think Wayfarer is a good candidate, sounds cool, and surprisinly little used name for any software when googling a bit, so it would be quite unique.

    Unless there would be some idea with a better MorphOS connection.. mBrowse, MWB (MorphOS Web Browser), or something like that :)

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