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    jacadcaps wrote:

    I've absolutely no idea how it's going to be called.

    Well, since Iris is probably struck from the list...

    ...how about Helix?

    Or Columella?


    Regarding "going places" (like Odyssey and Voyager), with reference to the space shuttles (because of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Star Trek: Voyager" and also because of "Sputnik", the MorphOS browsing legacy):

    • Discovery (Also "Star Trek: Discovery")
    • Challenger (developing and maintaining a web browser is a challenge ;-), though the name is kind of stained with tragedy, and not the easiest word to spell)
    • or Endeavour (difficult to spell for non-English).

    Less real space ships:

    • Falcon (from Star Wars: Millennium Falcon)

    • Enterprise (Star Trek. No, second thought: strike that! Too dorky, even for me! ;-))
    • Firefly (From the TV-series with the same name which actually had a rather cool atmosphere. It takes place on Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. And more important: It could also connect to Firefox and the MorphOS logo (butterflies fly) at the same time. I suppose a really cool logo could be made with this (butterfly, flames), signalling it's a MorphOS browser.)

    General movement, going places, etc:

    • [Web] Strider
    • [Web] Walker (also reference to a famous Amiga HW project, which like the comics character "the Phantom" was mythical and seen by few. The Phantom's "civilian" name was Kit Walker. Web Kit. ;-) Also there was "Walker, Texas Ranger", the Rangers "were going places" traditionally, and Chuck Norris is a mythology by himself ;-))
    • Expedition (think Safari, Internet Explorer)

    Ah well, going away to do something useful now...


    Edit: Shouldn't the ul/li HTML-elements linebreak?

    Edit 2: Hmm, "Firefly" kind of grows on me... ;-)

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