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    koszer wrote:

    jacadcaps wrote:
    And to make one thing clear: I've no intention of supporting things like the Inspector or media playback. There's no way these things will ever be fast enough on PPC to be satisfactory.

    I won't be missing the Inspector, but... do you mean I won't be able to watch YouTube videos on MorphOS?

    I won't miss the inspector either, but I surely would miss the media playback, because YouTube and other videos are still playing just fine for my needs on overlay modes even on Mac mini 1.5GHz, which I use as my main setup. I would think that videos would play even better on G5 systems... so definitely going to miss this and forces to go to two browser daily use, which makes things more clumsy. It wasn't fun in old days to use IBrowse + Sputnik combo etc when new browsers weren't yet as usable as IBrowse, but were needed to render some pages...

    And does media playback include audio playback too? That isn't demanding and I'm using Bandcamp and other sites regularly too...

    But of course it's better to have updated engine/browser even wihtout media playback than get stuck on all fronts... so I'll take it without media playback too, but still bit of a shame if it's not even an option to get that later...
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