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    Just thought I'll share a bit since there was a bit of speculation in this thread.

    Work is ongoing on a port of a fairly recent stable branch of WebKit. I do have a mostly working standalone jsc (JavaScriptCore command-line tool) and am now working towards making sure its testing suite fully works. WebKit has changed quite a bit since Orygin's days, enabled by improvements in C++ itself. The current port is generally only possible because we've stepped up our game with the SDK during the last two years (new binutils, gcc7-9, new perl, etc) so even though I'm working on WebKit on my own, this is really a Team effort - so far most of the crashes have been fixed in the compiler and or libnix (by Piru) and not by changing the WebKit source code itself.

    The next step will now be to compile WebCore (that's where the layouter is, etc) and then port WebKitLegacy. Porting WebKit (previously known as WebKit2) makes no sense on MorphOS. The idea is to generally have a very simple class being able to display HTML first and then extend it with all the necessary interfaces - this is similar to the changes in OWB I've made to make it possible for it to be used in Iris.

    Once that's done I'll be able to start on a browser application itself, isolated from WebKit & co.

    And to make one thing clear: I've no intention of supporting things like the Inspector or media playback. There's no way these things will ever be fast enough on PPC to be satisfactory.
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