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    RNOXfer updated.

    Version 1.4:
    - Added editing fields in the server list window
    - Added the comment column on the server list
    - Added the default local path setting
    - Added the private keyfile setting for SFTP connections
    - Added a check for server list changes at exit
    - Added UTF-8 support to be RFC 2640 compliant
    - Massive speedup in directory handling
    - More verbose file size comparison when a file exists
    - Added an option to save selected files/dirs as a text file
    - Fixed advanced.conf handling
    - Fixed issues with the settings file format
    - Adjusted window sleep modes
    - Disconnects from the previous server when double-clicking a new server from the server list
    - Uses hURL 2.0 (requires MorphOS 3.16)
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