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    emeck wrote:

    Hi, after sometime not using it I've launch RNORadio but it won't start. At least, GUI is not shown.

    Oh, damn... it seems to crash here too. I hunted it down and there seems to be some conflict with RNORadio and external Hollywood plugin(s). For me it looks that it doesn't like the RapaGUI plugin on my setup... maybe the new RapaGUI 2.0 is the culprit... and maybe with a combination of some exact Hollywood version I have used to compile RNORadio, because some other programs don't seem to be affected.

    As a work-around, please add SKIPPLUGINS=rapagui or SKIPPLUGINS=* tooltype on RNORadio's icon.

    And thanks for reporting, I'll have to make a small update for this... and investigate if this is a known issue...
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