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    jPV wrote:
    My next project is an FTP/FTPS client and I've now implemented the planned basic features into it, but what I'd need now is some beta testing before the actual release. I haven't organized public beta testing before, but now I'd appreciate some help, because there are so many different kinds of FTP servers around etc. So, a beta verson can be downloaded here, and it requires installation of AmiSSL v4 (the current AmiSSL installer doesn't create the required assigns to the user-startup if you don't have a previous install of AmiSSL, so please refer the readme in my beta archive for finishing the installation).

    Any comments are welcome... not just bug reporting, but it would also be nice to hear if you don't have any issues with it :)

    I've downloaded the file, plus AmiSSL4 (in case I don't already have it installed), but I'm not sure I will have much time to test it out for you, as I have just moved the current love of my life into my house, and the unpacking, getting rid of, or storing of all the duplicate items, and working on the "Honey Do List", is keeping me busy every day and night. I didn't think anyone could have as much stuff in their place of residence as me, but she has made me rethink that statement, the packing and unloading of the moving truck and trailer almost killed me. ;-)

    I'll let you know if I'm able to get any testing done over the next week or two.
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