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    I'll create this thread for smaller announcements and feedback of my applications created with the Hollywood programming language.

    These are the applications I've created, about in the order of appearance:

    RNOInfoScreen - Music player front-end and info screen
    RNOAnim - Animation player, converter, and builder
    RNOComics - Comic book and PDF reader
    RNOWidgets - Desktop widgets application
    RNOEffects - Image processing program
    Raffeli - A program to raffle things
    RNOPDF - Compact PDF viewer
    RNORadio - Internet radio player
    RNOTags - ID3 tag editor for MP3 files
    RNOXfer - Graphical FTP/FTPS client
    RNOPublisher - PDF publishing program
    RNOArchive - Graphical archive manager
    Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack - SWOS total pack (cooperation with Cool_amigaN)
    RNOTunes - Audio player application

    Q: What's RNO?
    A: A demoscene group I've been a part of since late 90s. I don't have to search the whole Internet for duplicate names when I'm using its name in my application names, and maybe it's some kind of branding now too :)

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