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    jPV wrote: [....] Here's the updated installer script: Install-IBrowse
    And here's a diff output: diff.txt

    Hope it works, and please report if it doesn't :)

    (The author accepts no liability for any damage caused to your system, other connected peripherals, or data files in any way by using this unofficially modified script.)

    As usual, jPV to the rescue ... Yours is the Kudos for the MorphOS 'fixed' install of IBrowse - What's more ... Thanks for taking so much trouble for fixing the IBrowse v2.5 Install script - before the author(s) have released their 'fix' for MorphOS. Frankly I'd have expected this issue, and the PNG issue you've come across, to have been addressed prior to it being released, especially as it's already such a long way behind OWB for our MorphOS systems. 8-)

    As it now runs I'll probably buy an upgrade key for it - to support Oliver Roberts, Stefan & David Burström, Dave Fisher and others for their efforts in getting this IB v2.5 released, even though it's fallen way behind the current internet expectations/engines. 8-D
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