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    Futaura wrote:
    The 256 colour imageset are all PNG images, which were only ever released
    before on the OS4 OEM IBrowse 2.4. I suspect MorphOS's png.datatype can't
    handle transparent colours in 8-bit images. Trying WarpPNG.datatype instead
    would confirm this.

    I don't have time to try other datatypes today, but I quickly tried that transparcency in these images do work, for example, with Multiview and Showcase, and if I load these images as a MUI background, they do work too.... so I'm not sure if it's about datatypes either... or could it be somehow in MUI's button code or so..... funnily Ambient's image preview shows transparency in the PNG image, but not in the IFF image... so it's vice versa :) Have to test more later...
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