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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I don't remember any reports back when 2.4 was released about this.

    At least here on MorphZone there were reports back then:


    Ok - noted. I either never saw this or completely forgot. I don't remember
    any mentions on the IBrowse mailing list, but there have been for 2.5.


    > the pink background is the transparent colour, so somewhere in the system this is not handled correctly.

    The above-linked thread also has discussion and workarounds of this.

    This is interesting. With IBrowse 2.4, the images were 5-bit ILBM, exactly
    the same as the 32 colour default image set in IBrowse 2.5. Seeing
    as jPV isn't having problems with these now would indicate that it was
    fixed in ilbm.datatype.

    The 256 colour imageset are all PNG images, which were only ever released
    before on the OS4 OEM IBrowse 2.4. I suspect MorphOS's png.datatype can't
    handle transparent colours in 8-bit images. Trying WarpPNG.datatype instead
    would confirm this.
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