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    igracki wrote:
    Is it okay to post bug reports here?

    There is a bug in Testpaint if you have the zoom window open and then zoom-out so that the window is bigger then the zoomed area.
    The cursor isn't under the mouse pointer anymore! The more you zoom-out the greater is the difference.

    Ok, I've fixed this. There is actually another option that goes along fixing the offset problem and would just make the offset problem never happen:
    Prevent the window from becoming bigger than the actual zoomed area and also resize the window when zoomed area becomes smaller. There's an #ifdef in the code now that does just this but it's disabled for now.
    Do you think resizing the window makes any sense? I've found it a bit irritating having the zoom window suddenly resize when playing around with the mouse wheel. But from GUI perspective it makes sense.


    Also could you allow Testpaint's window to be bigger then the picture?
    Maybe add some HVSpacing around the draw area?

    Now its only possible to make the window as big as the picture and if the picture is very small (f.e. 20x20) it looks a bit hmm

    I've added spacing around the drawing area, so it's centered now. Instead of centering the paint object it could just sit in left/top corner of the area and have the right/bottom area expand. What do you think?

    I've uploaded a beta version with the changes to http://ultragelb.com/beta/Screenshot_sbar.lha
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