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    Hey there MorphOS community, long time no see :)

    There has been always an issue that bugged me a lot in the recent years with MorphOS.
    I couldn't stream Youtube videos directly in MPlayer as it only supports HTTP connections. So what we had to do is to save the file first and play it while saving.

    I have found a solution for this. It all started when i thought about finding a solution for the general SSL issues on our beloved classic amiga hardware. The internet slowly shifted towards HTTPS lately and because of that it is nearly impossible to surf the web at all with such underpowered CPUs and old SSL methods.

    So i put some time into investigating and experimenting. Aaaand i came up with a hacky solution :)

    Why not have another machine in between to do the SSL stuff? All we need is a Linux based system and do a Man In The Middle attack :D
    Now that sounds crazy at first sight, but its absolutely safe as everything happens in our local network behind the firewall between two machines under our control.

    To put it in simple terms we're gonna do convert a HTTPS connection into a HTTP connection.

    Client ---HTTP---> Proxy ---HTTPS---> Website---HTTPS---> Proxy ---HTTP---> Client

    The puplic connections are still SSL encrypted! So we are still safe from the outside.

    We need the following software:

    - Linux (f.e. Debian)
    - iptables
    - ettercap
    - sslstrip

    We also have to look up our device name of the network device. Use ifconfig. For my tutorial i will use "wlan0"
    Check your Client and routers IP adress. We'll need them too of course.

    I'll use these to explain


    1. Redirect port from the client

    At first, we have to tell our mitm-proxy to reroute incoming traffic at port 80 to the destination port 10000. Thats the port where SSLstrip is listening to by default.

    Open a console and type:

    sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p TCP -s --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 10000

    2. Configure Man In The Middle

    Now we will use the mitm method to trick our Client and reroute its traffic to the mitm proxy machine.
    It will fetch the traffic, strip down the SSL stuff and forward it to the client as unsecured data.

    ettercap -Tq -M arp:remote -i wlan0 -S / /

    3. run SSLStrip

    All we need to do now is to start SSLstrip


    Just try it out for yourself. Every HTTPS connection will now be downgraded to HTTP and you should be able to watch Youtube videos directly from MPlayer again!

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