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    Now this is something I did 1.5 years ago but never got around going much further so I thought why not just release it as it is and see if it gets some interest.

    Based on:


    And here is my version:


    Start with: sh -c "TERM=morphos sc tutorial.sc"

    The sh part is needed to get aworking user-interface in Shell, the tutorial file is a good starting point to see what is what.

    I also did a port of SCIM which is a branch of SC but the latest version failed to build due to incomplete widechar support. Older versions did work and I might provide them later.

    What I now would like to know:

    - do all functions work as advertised?

    - is the functionality usefull in any way?

    -> worth spending more time one it (aka bringing it up to a MUI app with the latest SCIM at it's core)?
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