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    ASiegel wrote:
    The new version now features Magic PageFlow Pro™ technologies :-), which is to say it is now no longer merely a "Wordpad"-type application but can behave similar to Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Libre Writer.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing what features the new version has that are similar to Libre Writer. This is indeed great news!

    Later, regarding a possible spreadsheet program you wrote;


    ...... I would guess it might require hardware accelerated graphics operations to be reasonably fluid on the type of PowerPC hardware that MorphOS supports.

    There are alternatives that utilize standard HTML tables too. Those are quite fast but they more or less offer a similar set of features as offered by Leu.

    Does anyone know and understand exactly where we stand, and where we might be going, with "hardware accelerated graphics operations" for the next few versions of MorphOS (the PPC version, not future x64 versions of MorphOS)? I'm confused and don't understand (not surprisingly) what goals are being worked on to enhance graphics performance in MorphOS for the PPC, or what types of hardware acceleration we might be able to get in future versions, if any, or is the goal to simply provide the most basic of video card support, but for newer video cards, as BigFoot and the rest of the team have time to provide? This is one area where the other camp appears to be more transparent and vocal about what Hans is working on, though I do understand that the graphics systems for MorphOS is different than that of the "other camp", so I don't expect the goals to be exactly the same.
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