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    Jeckel wrote:

    jPV wrote:
    AmiNetRadio can be quite unstable, but it might be related to music formats you play. Anyway, my tries always end to crashes with it :)

    I don't have such instabilities for ogg/mp3 streaming on chiptunes (mod, geronto lib, ...).
    It become unstable when playing with playlists too much anyway.

    Well, tried to drag&drop mp3 file and mod file into its window and it crashed with both tries here now :) And when adding a mod file through playlist it started to play it, but made a hit to the log... I wonder if I have wrong version of some player file or what's causing that. Have to check some time.

    But generally if drag&drop doesn't work and adding files through the playlist editor takes too many steps, I don't feel it comfortable to use either :)



    jPV wrote:
    I prefer Jukebox for mp3 files, because it has some more modern features.. especially the screenbar module options is what I love.

    You have a nice screenbar module for AmiNetRadio aswell. :)


    I've forgot to try that earlier, but tried now, thanks for the reminder. I'm still missing the option to see the song that's playing on the screenbar without needing to have a separate window or popup for that. I'm actually using Jukebox iconified (and iconify icon disabled from MUI settings) so in normal use I don't have anything but the screenbar module for everything :)

    And ScreamBar's button graphics doesn't seem to suit for dark skins like I have... those should be configurable too.

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