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    connor wrote:
    JukeBox is quite cool but it has a simple bug: the media info window is never refreshed when the song changes. So can not leave it open to see the updated information because after each song it displays the old information. It should simply be refreshed. All other players like VLC, MPlayer etc. do it. Would be nice if JukeBox could so as well.

    In fact, the UI here works a bit differently and there is *no* bug here. That's not the properties of the playing track that is displayed in this window but the properties of the track you asked for with the list menu.

    List menu is called a *contextual* menu. And the context here is the list entry. From a UI design pov, this behaviour is perfectly right.

    If you load a playlist in VLC and call the 'Information' contextual menu entry, you'll get exactly the same behaviour: multiple windows.

    The feature you're talking about is the 'Tools / Media Informations' menu entry which is located on the application menu in VLC, not in the listview. This window content is indeed bound to playing track. Jukebox has not this feature.
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