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    koszer wrote:

    koszer wrote:
    Nah, they were both AGP x8 equipped machines (PowerMac G5 and some generic PC with AGP x8 slot on the mobo). In a few days I'll get another X1950 Pro (this time a surely working one) and we will see... again.

    I got another X1950 Pro, this time it was 100% working. I've tested it on a PC, with no problem. But on PowerMac G5 it doesn't give any sign of life. The fan is spinning, but there's no video.
    I guess the AGP versions of R500 aren't so supported by MorphOS after all.

    I am fairly certain that the AGP models (of the R500 series) are supported, as other people are using them.
    And Mark did his development work with a Radeon X1950Pro installed in his G5 (rather like the combo you are attempting).

    Again, I'd get the device ID for the card and contact Mark.
    A PITA I know, but what other OS would you be likely to get that kind of level of assistance? ;รท)

    Reviewing this entire idea again, I still don't believe a PC AGP X1950Pro @ 1X is going outperform an 8X Apple X800XT.
    But the comparison would prove interesting.

    Something tells me that the comparison would provide a strong argument for PCIe based systems.

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