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    koszer wrote:
    Wall, chaps - two news. The good one and the bad one.
    The good one is - nothing blew up when I've connected all the bits and pieces together.
    The bad one is - it doesn't work. The computer boots up and nothing - only a blank screen on the monitor. It doesn't matter which DVI port I plug it in - it stays black.

    Moreover, after a while the system fans start going crazy (the 'wind tunnel mode') which is quite strange. Nevertheless - the X1950 Pro AGP version doesn't work with current MorphOS. At least here.

    It should, as that is exactly the configuration I shipped Mark so that he could work on the R500 drivers. However, since it could be a different brand it may not use the same device ID.
    You ought to contact Bigfoot and hash this out, it should be readily solvable with just a slight modification to the driver.
    But you'll probably have to install the card in a PC to get the info he will need.

    And the black screen is normal until MorphOS boots, as the G5's firmware does not recognize the card.

    That's typical of any MorphOS system with a card that relies on Atom BIOS to function.

    It won't be a issue with the X5000, but if we were to receive PowerMac 11,2 support using any card above the R500s (or any PC cards for that matter) would produce this result.

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