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    koszer wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    Sounds interesting, give us a comparison.

    As soon as I find that bloody Molex to 6-pin cable I had somewhere here :)

    Oh yes, I forgot that the AGP models don't provide a connector for auxillary power (something the 11,2 PowerMacs have).
    And you have to split it off the DVD drive molex and route it to the video card.
    Both Mark and Frank have mentioned in the past what a PITA that is.
    It was easier for me when I first used a FireGL X3 in a G4 since there are plenty of molex power connectors and the drives are not as separated.

    I've often thought I'd like to try an R500 based card in a G4, but I think I will wait to see if AGP variants of the R600 or R700 are supported.

    If we don't eventually receive 11,2 support, once I buy an X5000, I'm probably only retain my G4 hardware.

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