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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The 3850 or 4650 might have enough GPU power to compensate for the slow transfer rates

    ...or the HD4670 :-) Problem is that a faster GPU won‘t bring any advantage in use cases where data isn‘t coming in fast enough to properly utilize the GPU, so I don‘t think GPU speed can compensate for slow transfer rates (whereas more VRAM can, btw).

    It seems to help in OS4 applications where PCIe cards are used in PCIe to PCI adapters.
    And the difference between an X1300 and an HD4670 is pretty significant.

    Also, I'm not completely negative about the X1300. In PCIe applications it's acceptable. From what I understand, the SAM460 port was initially created using one.

    Of course, what we really need is an affordable PCIe based system that can use higher end gpus without the need of a bridge chip.

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