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    Tomo wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    I bought today an XT9600 with GPA slot. I replaced it for the original videocard but no luck. Is there a difference between GPA and AGP?
    Or do I forget something.


    Let's sum it up:

    1. You've bought a G5 PowerMac with nVidia card (that's supported in OSX but not in MorphOS)
    2. The standard PC Radeon 9250 from your Pegasos won't work (and so will every standard PC Radeon, except for - maybe - the R500 based AGP cards)
    3. You've bought a standard PC Radeon 9600XT AGP and suprisingly enough - it didn't work?

    You need either:

    a. a genuine Apple PPC ROM Radeon AGP gfx card (like the one you've been offered in a PM)
    b. a reflashed (with Apple PPC ROM) standard PC AGP Radeon (you can try to reflash the ones you've got - with any luck you may succeed)
    c. a R500 based standard PC AGP Radeon gfx card (but there's no option to enter Open Firmware or Apple boot menu)
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